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Pet friendly secure garden solutions
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Do your pets like adventure?

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We can help keep your pet secure in your garden. Fill those gaps and holes to avoid those more precarious escapades!

Our services will benefit your garden by providing timber fences and screens, chainlink or more creative solutions such as raised beds to help prevent your dog from escaping or wandering into dangerous areas.

Our garden tidy service can make your space more pet friendly by cleaning up weeds and debris and removing or pruning any thorny or poisonous plants that may be able to harm your pets.

Pets can easily overheat on warmer days… we can help provide a shelter for your pet so there is a shady spot for them to relax in using creative and decorative planting.

We have top tips for maintaining the beauty of your garden, whilst keeping your pets safe.

As well as cycle storage solutions, we offer a
number of other services to enhance your garden;




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